You can communicate with us in both English and French. Also, you can write/attempt exams in either English or French; choose the desired language preference while applying.

Please follow the link to get redirected to the NDSE exam fee structure page https://ndse-ensd.ca/en/fees/.

The application form will be open from January 18th, 2024, till March 31st, 2024, 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Please follow the link to get redirected to the eligibility page https://ndse-ensd.ca/en/application/eligibility/ and https://ndse-ensd.ca/en/internationally-trained-dental-specialists/

Yes, we have test centers throughout United States and Canada, and you can check the nearest test center to you once the list is finalized and uploaded.

The candidate’s results will be published within 10 weeks of the examination; a Pass or Fail notice will be published. Also, unsuccessful candidates will be provided with a letter identifying their areas of weakness signed by the Director of Examinations.

You would have a field/option to give consent to us to obtain documents from NDEB while applying and submitting your application for the NDSE.

You can fill out the Contact Us form and we will get back to you promptly.
Also, for all urgent queries you can contact us at ndse@rcdc.ca or 416.512.6571.

You will get auto-generated updates on the progress of your application. Also, you can expect an email from our admission coordinator asking for more information or documents. Thus, we recommend you check your email to seek updates on your application.

Please follow the link to get redirected to the policies and procedures to request an appeal page. https://ndse-ensd.ca/en/policies-and-procedures/

Currently, there is no limit to the NDSE attempts, please keep on checking our policies and procedures for the latest updates https://ndse-ensd.ca/en/policies-and-procedures/.

We have already conducted a webinar on information related to the NDSE and questions related to it on January 11th, 2024. Please follow the link to the recording of the webinar. Also, you can check our website regularly for information on future webinars https://ndse-ensd.ca/en/.

No, the exam format is going to be the same as what was enacted in 2023 by NDEB.

Yes, please follow the link that will redirect you to the policies and procedures document that includes a blueprint for each specialty examination https://ndse-ensd.ca/en/policies-and-procedures/.

In this case, we need an attested letter from your university stating that you are enrolled in the last year of your program and what is the expected date of graduation. In addition to this, you might be contacted by our admissions coordinator for other documents.

Currently, the NDSE is conducted once per year, and should the frequency of examination be changed we will update this on our website https://ndse-ensd.ca/en/.